Lou What Wear Style Lifestyle Blog in Louisville Ky

Lou What Wear Style Lifestyle Blog in Louisville Ky

Lou What Wear is a style and lifestyle blog based in Louisville, KY. Our goal is to provide readers with inspiration for everyday fashion, beauty, travel, and living a stylish life.


At Lou What Wear, we believe that fashion should be approachable and fun. We focus on highlighting affordable and versatile pieces that can easily transition from day to night. Our fashion content includes outfit ideas, styling tips, and trend reports to help our readers stay on top of the latest styles. We also feature local Louisville boutiques and designers, supporting the fashion community within our city.


Beauty goes hand in hand with fashion, so we also share beauty tips and tricks to complement your style. Our focus is on natural and effortless makeup looks, as well as skincare routines and product reviews. We believe that feeling confident in your own skin is the key to looking and feeling your best.


We love exploring new places and sharing our travel experiences with our readers. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an international adventure, we provide tips for packing, planning, and finding the best hidden gems in each destination. We also share our favorite travel outfits and beauty essentials for staying stylish on the go.


In addition to fashion, beauty, and travel, Lou What Wear covers all aspects of living a stylish lifestyle. From home decor and entertaining ideas to wellness and fitness tips, we believe that style is more than just what you wear – it’s how you live your life. Our goal is to inspire our readers to elevate their everyday routines and make every day feel a little more stylish.

Join the Community

We love connecting with our readers and building a community through Lou What Wear. We encourage our followers to share their own style and lifestyle inspiration by using the hashtag #LouWhatWear on social media. We also offer monthly meet-ups and events in Louisville, bringing together fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

About the Founder

Lou What Wear was founded by She, a native Louisvillian with a passion for all things style and lifestyle. After working in the fashion industry for several years, she decided to create a platform where she could share her love of fashion, beauty, travel, and living a stylish life with others. She hopes to inspire her readers to embrace their unique style and make each day a little bit more fashionable. So, let’s join the Lou What Wear community and elevate our everyday lives! #LouWhatWear #StyleLifestyleBlog #LouisvilleKy

Stay stylish, stay inspired! See you on the blog. Happy reading!

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Keep on styling and living your best life! See you in our next post! Happy reading! Let’s continue to elevate our everyday lives together. #LouWhatWearCommunity.

Join us as we explore fashion, beauty, travel, and all things lifestyle in the beautiful city of Louisville, KY. Together, let’s make every day a little more stylish! #LouisvilleBloggers #LouWhatWearStyle #InspiringLifestyle.

Special things about Louisville Ky

Louisville, KY is a dynamic and vibrant city that has so much to offer. From its rich history to its modern amenities, there’s always something new to discover and explore. Here are some of the special things about Louisville that make it an amazing place to live and visit:

  • Home of the Kentucky Derby: Known as the “Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports,” the Kentucky Derby is a world-renowned horse race that takes place every year at Churchill Downs in Louisville. It’s a celebration of fashion, culture, and Southern hospitality.
  • Bourbon Country: Louisville is located right in the heart of bourbon country, with several distilleries and bourbon bars to visit. Take a tour, sample some of the finest bourbons, and learn about the history and process of making this iconic drink.
  • Foodie Haven: Louisville has a thriving food scene, with a diverse range of restaurants and local eateries. From traditional Southern cuisine to international flavors, there’s always something delicious to try in Louisville.
  • Cultural Hotspot: With its mix of Southern charm and urban vibes, Louisville offers a unique cultural experience. The city is home to numerous museums, art galleries, and music venues, showcasing both local and international talent.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Louisville has plenty of green spaces and parks for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. From hiking trails to kayaking on the Ohio River, there are endless opportunities to stay active and explore the beautiful natural surroundings.

We hope this gives you a glimpse into why we love our city and why we’re excited to share it with you through Lou What Wear. Come visit us in Louisville and experience all that the city has to offer! #LouisvilleLove #SouthernCharm #CityLife

Bottom Line

Thank you for joining us on this journey of style and lifestyle in Louisville, KY. Lou What Wear is more than just a blog – it’s a community of fashion and lifestyle lovers who are passionate about making every day a little more stylish. We hope to inspire you to embrace your unique style and elevate your everyday life. So keep reading, sharing, and living your best life. See you in the next post! #LouWhatWearCommunity #ElevateYourLife #StyleInspiration.

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